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Why is a massage really good for you?

Athletes use massage therapy to relieve the discomfort of sore muscles and prevent the buildup of lactic acid. A deep tissue massage boosts blood flow and reduces inflammation. Massage can also help repair exercise induced tissue injuries.

Depending on the type of massage you have, it can be very relaxing, which is why people suffering from tension and stress can benefit. Soothing massages are good if you suffer from stress, anxiety and related physical symptoms such as insomnia and headaches.

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Massage types

Swedish massage

This relaxing massage takes 30 to 60 minutes. It helps you to sleep better, release the stress and pain too. It’s digestive, good for the heart and circulation system and can also lower your blood pressure. We work on the whole body from the hands to the feets, including the belly and chest.

Skin refreshment massage

Through this pleasing revitalising massage we gently exfoliate your skin and refill with natural ingredients. Your skin will feel soft like "baby skin" after the treatment. We work on the whole body except for the face and the breasts./remineralising, revitalising, relaxing/

Cellulite massage

One of our most popular and effective massages. It eleminates the toxins from the fat cells while helps your circulation get back to normal. We also train the tiny muscle cells under the skin giving back the original healthy shape of your body parts. We focus on the most cellulite sensitive parts like the belly, butt, legs,and thighs. It works effective in 6 time treatment.
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Relax with us!

"My name is Anita Hirmann  and I’m a masseur and beautician at Algotherm Esztétika. I chose massage as a profession 20 years ago and I have been training myself continuously throughout the years. My opinion is that massage is not only a well being or relaxing ritual but an intimate conversation between two people. I belive that human touch is unique and can not be replaced."



Back massage 30 min 4 000 Ft
Whole body massage 60 min 7 000 Ft
Whole body massage 90 min 10 000 Ft
Relaxing massage 60 min 7 500 Ft
Remineralising massage 60 min 7 500 Ft
Revitalising massage 60 min 7 500 Ft
Tired legs 30 min 4 000 Ft

This is how I work

My body massages are based on Sweedish massage. I firstly make a whole body survey and figure out the best therapy for the guest. I use only premium quality Algotherm massage oils and cream, which is why my therapy is good not only for the muscles but for the whole skin. The soft and netural smells helps you to relax and feel refreshed while I eleminate the stress and work on the stiff muscles. I can offer you additional techniques with body modelling cups if it is needed. At the end of the treatment the colour of your skin will be healthy again. The circulation will be better and the muscles will be loose. Come and try the positive effects of my massage for your spirit and body!

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